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Chimney Repair

Chimney Repair


  • Types of damage – We can fix many types of damage such as: water damage, masonry damage, damage to cap, damage to chase cover, etc
  • How damage is caused – Water is a huge factor in chimney damage. Water can cause masonry to deteriorate. Negative weather can cause caps to blow off and debris to enter chimney. Chimneys without caps can get water damage, animal infestation, and debris build-up
  • How to spot damage – Foul smell, visual masonry deterioration, visual water entry, visual animal entry, visual cracks/deterioration of crown
  • Inspection/diagnostic methodology – Perform an inspection


  • Repoint – fix loose/missing bricks on crown of chimney
  • Block replacement – replace missing blocks/bricks from chimney
  • Crack repair – replace crown with chase cover or fill cracks with Crown Seal
  • Crowns – Inspect crown for cracks, organic growth, or lifting of chimney top
  • Waterproofing – Apply waterproofing to chimneys that have water penetration issues
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