Some of the most common questions we get when someone calls in for a dryer vent cleaning is… How much does a dryer vent cleaning cost? What does a dryer vent cleaning entail? Are dryer vent cleanings really that important? How often should I be scheduling my dryer vent cleaning?

Fortunately for those in the Hillsborough area and beyond, we have answers. Or, if you’re ready to schedule, simply reach out now. We’re here to help!

Why Is Getting Your Dryer Vent Cleaned Important?

We all realize we can suffer house fires when we fail to maintain our fireplaces or wood stoves…but did you know that dryers have been reported to cause thousands of fires every single year?

Lint is one of the more flammable substances you can come across…in fact, the Boy Scouts have been known to use it as kindling! The heat produced by a dryer can potentially ignite the lint (or your clothes, for that matter) in your dryer and/or your dryer vent. From there, flames can easily spread to the rest of your home.

Another important consideration is the risk of carbon monoxide exposure if fumes can’t vent properly. This colorless, odorless gas is extremely hard to detect, which means homeowners can breathe in large amounts without even knowing it. This creates some serious health risks…and it can even be fatal.

How Can I Know My Dryer Vent Is Clogged?

The good news is that there are things you can look for to know if your dryer is struggling and may need a thorough cleaning.

an open dryer vent with lint lining the insides
  • Is it taking much longer to get a load of clothes dried than it used to? If so, you may have lint clogging the exhaust vent causing your dryer to not get the circulation it needs…and, though it’s trying, it can’t dry the clothes like it used to. That means your dryer has to work longer and harder making it less efficient than it should be (and reducing its lifespan).
  • This longer timeframe for clothes to dry can also lead to mold growth if it’s not dealt with properly. It pushes moisture up into the duct where mold and mildew can form. If you notice mold or musty smells, a cleaning may be in order.
  • Is your dryer hot to the touch right after running a load of laundry? Things likely aren’t venting like they should be, causing the system to overheat. A cleaning should help the dryer perform better and get back to normal.
  • Sometimes, those with clogged vents notice a hot or burning smell coming from the dryer. This could be coming from the dryer motor, but it can also be coming from the clothes in the dryer or the lint and debris in the dryer vent.
  • Are you spotting lint in the dryer, coming out the lint trap, or showing up around the appliance? This is another clear cut sign that lint isn’t going where it should and that some dryer vent services should be scheduled.

How Do I Prevent Dryer Fires?

We recommend booking annual dryer vent cleanings to help prevent your dryer from overheating and accumulating flammable lint. A clean dryer has better airflow – and that means it can function more efficiently. And less energy use means lower energy bills, too.

Having a dryer with a clean vent will also give your appliance some additional life, meaning a replacement won’t be needed as soon.

Can I Clean the Dryer Vent Myself?

If you’re wondering if you can clean your dryer yourself, the answer is…technically, yes. But before you go headlong into cleaning, there are some things you’ll need to consider.

First and foremost, there’s always the time vs. money consideration because properly cleaning dryer vents can take some of your weekend. If it’s a short run with a hard piped vent in the back of the dryer going through the wall right to the outside, then it should be an easy one to clean.

That said, if the dryer vent is long with a lot of turns and bends, on the second or third floor, or vented to the roof, then it’s harder to get to and will take more time to clear out. It’ll also be more dangerous to clean because you have to get on ladders and finagle your way into more awkward spaces.

Then there’s equipment. There are some DIY kits online, but sometimes these don’t have everything you need, so be sure to do your research. You may also want some type of high-powered vacuum to help clear the air of lint and debris, and you’ll want respiratory protection for yourself too. You don’t want to breathe in any of the stuff that comes out of your vent, trust us!

a dryer vent lint trap with lint on it

And remember that a dryer vent with lots of twists and turns can lead to an increased chance of missing important areas – or even packing in any buildup in even tighter. You’ll also be more likely to damage your equipment should the wrong tool be used or the wrong technique applied.

If you don’t have the time, the equipment, or the energy for the job, then it makes sense to let us clean your dryer vent annually when we come out and do your annual chimney service. That way, you don’t even have to think about it again. In addition, when you factor in the risk of damage in DIY attempts (and the costs associated with repairing it), as well as the increased risk of fire or gas exposure if things aren’t done just right, you’re likely to find that hiring a professional is actually the more cost-effective option.

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