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What Should I Look for in a Chimney Company?

Hiring a company that you can depend on season after season is a must when it comes to chimney care. You want to know that you’re getting the highest level of care possible, while being treated with honesty, professionalism, and respect. So, how can you guarantee just that? Here are some important things to consider.

Reputation & Reviews:

How do they treat their customers? Do they have many positive reviews? And – maybe more importantly – how do they handle disputes and negative reviews? Nowadays, learning about your neighbors’ experiences with various companies is easier than ever with a quick online search – be sure to take advantage of these resources.

Certifications & Memberships:

Are they members of reputable organizations like the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG)? Do they hold industry certifications? Do they invest in further education and training? In the chimney sweep world, techniques, tools, and technologies are ever-evolving, so all of these things are a must.

Insurance Coverage:

If one of the company’s employees gets hurt in your home, are you certain you won’t be liable? Finding a company that’s fully insured guarantees that extra layer of protection you’re seeking when investing in professional help.

Industry Experience:

How long has the company you’re hiring been established? Does the team have a lot of hands-on industry experience? When it comes to your chimney, you want to hire someone who really knows the ropes when it comes to fireplace and chimney care. Someone with plenty of experience won’t be surprised by much and will know how to tackle even the most unique situations.

Strong Ethics:

Will the company you hire put your needs and budget first? Will they take your concerns into consideration? Will they be willing and open to answering your questions? Hiring a team that values customer service and satisfaction is imperative for getting that all-around quality care you’re seeking.

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Here at Highpoint Chimney Services, we check all the boxes. We’re fully insured, are well-reviewed, have over two decades of experience under our belts, and we hold multiple certifications, memberships, and other credentials. Get the peace of mind you deserve – work with us for all things chimney and venting. We always put you first.

What Is Safe to Burn in My Fireplace?

The only thing you should be burning in your wood-fueled fireplace is well-seasoned wood. That means no trash, no treated wood, no cardboard or gift boxes, no plastic, no paper plates, no wrapping paper… you get it.

What does it mean if wood is seasoned?

Seasoned wood is wood that has been dried out for at least six months – but this doesn’t just mean it has sat in the sun for a while. It needs to be seasoned under the right conditions for the task to be done right. If you’re seasoning your own fuel, be sure to cut the pieces short, keep your log pile off of the ground, and keep the top covered (with the sides of the stack still open) if it’s rainy or snowy.

If you have a wood shed with a sturdy roof and open sides, this would be ideal. That way, the wood is protected, while still getting the access it needs to winds, heat, and sunshine.

Consider purchasing a moisture meter to test your wood fuel if you’re seasoning your own. Logs that are ready for use should have a moisture content between 15 and 25 percent.


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