Is your chimney crown showing cracks? Is your existing chimney chase cover rusted? Have you overheard neighbors singing the praises of their new chimney chase cover and what a delight it was to work with the crew here at Highpoint Chimney?

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What Influences the Cost of Chimney Chase Covers?

Traditionally utilized on prefabricated chimney systems, chase covers are a sleek, modernized way to finish off the top of your chimney, while still ensuring everything is appropriately – and effectively – covered.

Somewhat similar to a chimney crown in that they protect the very top of the chimney structure and come in a variety of styles and designs, chase covers can range in price largely determined by the size and materials it is constructed from.

Specifically, they are usually available in the following materials: galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper.

Not only do these options create a significantly vast price range, they also give homeowners a small variety of options to choose from in order to appeal to their desired aesthetic.

a gray-brown prefab chimney with a broken/rusted chimney chase cover

However, it is important to keep in mind that the less expensive options like galvanized steel and aluminum may look attractive because of their price tag, but also tend to wear out and require repair much faster than their higher quality counterparts.

Are you struggling to come up with a budget because you simply do not know where to start? Contact someone from our team by scheduling something online or calling our phone number. We’d be more than happy to walk you through some options and flesh out a realistic expectation when it comes to the overall cost of shopping for and installing a new chimney chase cover. 

What’s the Most Affordable Option for a Chimney Chase Cover?

In a lot of ways, the answer is kind of dependent on what your long-term goals and maintenance plan for your system is. Essentially, “affordable” could take on slightly different meanings if we’re looking at the immediate situation versus years down the line.

For example, purchasing an aluminum chase cover might look less intense coming out of your bank account now, but what about in a few years when heavy winds and falling debris has warped its shape and you have to replace it again? Similarly, galvanized steel might be a slightly stronger metal than aluminum that isn’t as likely to get bent and bruised, but it is highly susceptible to rusting. And a rusting chase cover is going to give way to water entry sooner rather than later and leave stains.

Meanwhile, investing in a chase cover of a higher caliber and stronger, more durable material may feel less affordable the day you make the purchase, but you can rest assured that your chimney will be sealed, and protected for years to come.

And while we never want to sway you in one way or another, we are dedicated to helping our customers confidently choose the chase cover that’s right for them, their chimney, and their budget. For a bit of guidance and reassurance about the best option for your home, give us a call or reach out online now.

Are There Alternatives to Chase Covers?

Absolutely! That is…if you have a masonry chimney. Unfortunately, prefab chimneys will always require a chase cover.

What are the options for masonry set-ups?

Well, while we’re pretty big fans of the full coverage that a chimney chase cover provides, we also know that the full metal-clad look does not appeal to everyone. As long as your chimney chase and flue are appropriately closed off and the flue is properly vented, it does not necessarily matter what that finished top looks like.

Although, we say “necessarily” because, while a correctly poured or installed crown is equally as effective as a chase cover (when it comes to protecting the masonry chimney chase), the keyword is “correctly.”

an older looking masonry chimney with a new metal chimney in front of it

We see a ton of poorly finished chimneys because where the crown is meant to be constructed of a cement or concrete mixture, it’s instead a thick smear of mortar, which is not designed to withstand direct contact with the elements. The same can be said about the chase cover: if not properly installed or maintained, it can deteriorate over time due to weather, quality of material, or age, and thus compromise your chimney.

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