First things first – what is a chimney chase cover?

A chimney chase cover is one of many important components to a chimney. Not to be confused with a chimney cap, which only covers the flue opening, a chimney chase cover actually covers and seals the entire top of the chimney structure (still allowing the flue pipe to extend above the top of the chimney to vent smoke and gases).

Can I Use a Chase Cover on a Masonry Chimney?

When it comes to prefabricated chimneys and masonry chimneys, a chase cover can be used on both! The certified chimney technicians at Highpoint Chimney Services would be happy to come take a look, listen to your concerns, and suggest the best solution for your chimney. Call us at 908-864-4114 or book an appointment online now.

What Are Chase Covers Made Out Of?

The most common material types used to make a chimney chase cover include:

  • a concrete chimney with a chimney chase cover and a chimney capCopper: There’s no denying that copper has an aesthetically-pleasing appearance to it. It is also considered a high quality material that is extremely sturdy -no need to worry about rust with copper. For these reasons, you should expect to pay a little more for this type of chase cover. 
  • Stainless Steel: Because stainless steel never rusts, it is often considered the best material to use. If you want something that’ll stand the test of time, stainless steel is the way to go! Additionally, it can be powder coated if you want a color that matches your home.
  • Galvanized Steel: Although a common material choice for chimney chase covers, we do not recommend galvanized steel because it is more prone to rusting and having a short lifespan. Its cheaper price point is appealing, yes, but not worth the hassle of investing in constant replacements.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is another material that won’t rust…but it won’t stand up to the elements as well as stainless steel and copper, either. Aluminum is a popular choice among homeowners because it is the most cost effective material choice.

Because chimney chase covers come in a variety of different materials and thicknesses, it’s important to hire a professional chimney company to fabricate the chase cover to the exact dimensions of your chimney, ensuring a perfect fit and watertight seal. Count on us techs for the job – reach out today.

How Do I Know if My Chase Cover Needs Replacement?

The chase cover protects both the interior and exterior components of the chimney. So when damage of any sort occurs, it’s like a domino effect of issues to the rest of the chimney, fireplace, and sometimes even your home. 

What causes damage to the chase cover is typically water buildup that leads to rust. This happens when a chase cover is flat or improperly installed.

So what signs should you be looking for that would point to a possible chimney chase cover problem? Here are just a few:

  • a broken down masonry chimney with metal flashingRust & Corrosion: A telltale sign that you need a chase cover replacement is rust stains or visible rust spots. Rust weakens the structural integrity of the entire chase cover, so it’s important to replace it as soon as possible. 
  • Visible Damage: Do you notice any visible punctures, cracks, dents, or other physical damage? This can occur because of severe weather conditions, impact from falling debris, or even poor craftsmanship during installation. 
  • Water Leakage: Water leaking down your chimney and into your fireplace – or even water stains on the ceiling – can indicate you have a failing or damaged chase cover. Anytime water damage is in question, it is important to schedule an appointment to help prevent further damage from occurring to the home structure. 
  • Excessive Wear: It is common for chase covers to experience typical wear and tear over time due to being constantly exposed to the elements. You should check for things like thinning metal, weakened joints, or areas where the protective coating has worn off. 
  • Animal Infestation: Have you ever had a woodland visitor drop by unannounced? We are talking about the four legged-kind – or even one with wings – in particular. Animals can put wear on all of your chimney components really fast.
  • Age & Material: The different materials we listed above all have varying lifespans. If your chase cover is approaching or exceeding its recommended lifespan, be proactive in replacing it to avoid unnecessary chimney repairs in the future.

Since the chase cover sits at the very top of your chimney, by the time you notice any issues, the repairs could be costly. This is why it is important to schedule annual inspections and preventative maintenance by a certified chimney technician. The best method of prevention is keeping up with regular maintenance. 

Which Chimney Chase Cover Is Best?

When it comes to the cost of repairing or replacing a chimney chase cover, you might be overwhelmed with your choices. Here at Highpoint Chimney Services, we understand how important it is to find a company you can trust with the safety of your home and loved ones. That’s why we are committed to providing the best experience to our customers, offering open and honest communication from start to finish.

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