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Picture it. You’re enjoying a lovely morning running errands, stopping by the post office, browsing the local library, and maybe even grabbing a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop when you feel that first rain drop. So, you pull up the weather app on your phone and see that storms are in the forecast for the rest of the day.

For some this might be a huge bummer, but not for you because you have a fireplace you can cozy up to while storms brew outside. And if you live in Bedminster, you can rely on Highpoint Chimney Services to keep your chimney system in the best shape possible.

Who Fixes Chimney Leaks in Bedminster?

Speaking of rain, do you know how your chimney is faring against harsh winds and poor weather? If not, it might be time to ask about our leaky chimney repair services. Our sweeps can handle any and all of your leaky chimney-related issues, then offer preventive measures to help you avoid any more problems from recurring later on.

What are some of the chimney leak repair services you can rely on us for?

  • We can install a new chimney cap to keep rain, snow, sleet, and other types of moisture from entering your flue and causing interior damage.
  • We can waterproof your bricks and mortar to prevent water from soaking into your structure. (This also helps you avoid the freeze/thaw process.)
  • We can install a new chase cover, if you have a prefabricated system, ensuring water is kept out of the flue and away from the sides of your chimney chase.
  • If your concrete crown is broken down, our techs can restore it to its former glory – or build you a new chimney crown, if needed.
  • Is your masonry crumbling and breaking down? We offer masonry repair services, like tuckpointing, that ensure it’s looking good and able to stand up against water.
  • We can install a new lock-top damper, which will work alongside the chimney cap to keep out rain and debris when your system isn’t in use.
  • We can install chimney flashing to keep the vulnerable spot where your roof and chimney meet better protected.
  • We’re here to perform annual inspections to spot any issues or water damage right away – and tackle the issue before it gets worse.
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Chimney Crown and Cap

In the end, when you trust in us, you can breathe easier knowing your chimney will stand strong and run reliably through it all. Come snow or rainy days, simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the ambiance.

Leaky Chimney FAQs

Now, when it comes to chimney damage, water issues are one of the leading causes of problems. So, as sweeps, we know a lot about leaky chimneys and are more than prepared to answer any and all of your questions regarding them. Here are some of the more common ones homeowners have, so take a look and see if we can’t get your concerns resolved.

And if we missed anything? Give us a call! We’re happy to answer any further questions you might have.

Are chimney leaks covered by homeowners insurance?

Typically… no. Chimney leaks are usually caused by some type of neglect or lack of maintenance (skipping annual inspections, not having a chimney cap, opting out of waterproofing, etc.), and since most of the time they are preventable, your insurance isn’t likely going to cover any needed repairs.

All that said, coverage can vary person to person, so we’ll always recommend reviewing your specific policy and speaking with your insurance agent to get the most accurate answer. And if you are covered, they can offer guidance about what your next steps should be.

Keep in mind, too, that if the leak was caused by some type of sudden occurrence or unavoidable event (like a natural disaster), then most policies will help out in some way with these damages. You’ll just need to make sure that the specific event you went through is covered.

Is it normal for chimneys to leak during heavy rainfall?

If your chimney is set up with the right preventive measures and is maintained every year by a certified and knowledge sweep, then it shouldn’t leak during heavy rainfall or snowfall. Unfortunately, many chimneys are prone to leak during inclement weather because they aren’t properly maintained.

This is why we put so much emphasis on scheduling annual inspections. That way, if your chimney is currently vulnerable to leaks (due to a missing cap, crumbling mortar, crown damages, or something else), we can spot the issue right away and get it resolved before the damage travels any further.

What is the most common cause of chimney leaks?

Unfortunately, there are lots of things that can cause chimney leaks to occur, so staying ahead of the game is a must. The most common causes behind a leaky chimney are:

  • Your chimney flashing is missing, loose, or deteriorated.
  • Your chimney crown is damaged or was poorly built originally.
  • Your chimney liner is damaged or broken down and letting water in.
  • You have cracks, gaps, or deterioration throughout your bricks and mortar.
  • Your chase cover wasn’t installed properly or is damaged.
  • Your chimney cap is damaged, missing, or not fitted correctly.
  • You have blockages or obstructions in your chimney flue.
  • Your chimney was never professionally waterproofed.

The good news about these issues is that they’re all avoidable. Just talk with our techs about your needs and options today, and we’ll ensure your chimney is operating efficiently and equipped with all necessary protective measures to keep your household safer.

How much does it cost to fix a leak around a chimney?

There’s no baseline price for chimney leak repairs. It simply depends on the extent of the damage.

For instance, adding a new chimney cap is a relatively simple and inexpensive job, but if your crown needs to be rebuilt, then that’s clearly going to take up more time and cost you more. Some services require additional steps after the fact too. For instance, after completing a tuckpointing job, we’d suggest waterproofing your brickwork to give it that long-lasting protection.

To get the most accurate estimate for your leak repair needs, please reach out! Our techs would be happy to have a conversation about what issues you’re experiencing and which services might be best suited to your situation.

How do I stop my chimney from leaking water?

First things first, the cause of the leak needs to be identified. This is something we’d be glad to help you with! Once we get it figured out, we’ll move forward with any necessary repair services to get your system in tip-top shape again.

And then comes the preventive maintenance, like waterproofing, chimney cap installation, flashing repairs, and more. Whatever you need, rest assured our experienced and knowledgeable techs can provide it.

Just don’t wait to call us in – the minute you notice leaks or water damage, get our crew on the case, so you don’t face bigger issues later on.

What are the dangers of a leaking chimney?

If water gets into your masonry, it can cause significant deterioration, which could leave your system vulnerable. As cracks and crevices form, smoke, fumes, and gases will be much more likely to enter your home, affecting indoor air quality and putting the health of those inside of the home at risk.

In addition, these openings also give flames and heat pathways to reach adjacent woodwork. This ups your chances of experiencing a house fire significantly, which can result in injuries and thousands of dollars in home damages.

Finally, leak-related damages leave your chimney structure weakened, which then makes it more prone to eventually tilt or collapse.

How common are chimney leaks?

Water was named a chimney’s worst enemy by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), and it’s an unfortunate truth that a good majority of chimneys tend to face water damage at some point or another – especially if it’s a chimney on an older home.

That said, we know more than ever before on how to best combat chimney leaks, so if you invest in chimney care from a knowledgeable tech, you can make sure your leaky chimney-related issues are a thing of the past – for good.

Ask us about which of our leak prevention services would be best for your chimney, and be sure you’re booking your annual inspections, too, so we can spot damages and address them right away.

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Our Full Service List

Now, leaks are important to combat, but there are a whole slew of issues that can happen if chimneys and fireplace aren’t well maintained. Fortunately for those in Middlesex, Hunterdon, and Somerset counties, we offer a long list of quality services. With us, you’re covered, no matter what.

Chimney Sweepings & Inspections

Annual inspections and regular chimney sweepings are a vital part of maintaining a safer and more efficient system. There’s no denying a fireplace improves the aesthetic and value of a home, but if it’s not running correctly or crumbling due to neglect, it could cause more harm than good.

Be sure to get this maintenance booked every single year, so you can catch small issues early and get them addressed before they turn into something major.

Are you moving? Have you recently experienced a chimney fire, flood, tornado, or other natural disaster? Have you undergone any renovations or fuel changes since your last inspection? Then, be sure to get a level 2 inspection booked. Our techs are happy to offer these more in-depth overviews, so don’t wait to get scheduled with us soon.

Masonry Repair Services

Masonry is known for its durability and aesthetic appeal, but it needs to be maintained in order to really stand the test of time. Our masonry repair services include tuckpointing, brick replacement services, chimney crown repairs, waterproofing, and more. If your bricks and mortar are in need of some TLC, leave it to us – we’ll get things looking good as new in no time.

Chimney Leak Repairs

Water is one of the most damaging things a fireplace and chimney system can come across, which is why doing everything possible to keep it at bay is so important. Trust us for all of your leak repair and prevention needs, like chimney cap installation, chimney crown repairs, flashing replacement services, and more.

Chimney & Fireplace Repairs

We’re a full-service company, so we cover it all when it comes to your chimney, fireplace, and venting needs. In addition to everything listed above, we also offer the following repair services and products:

  • Chimney Damper Repair & Installation
  • Lock-Top Damper Installation
  • Chimney Relining Services
  • Stainless Steel Chimney Liners
  • HeatShield® Relining Services
  • Smoke Chamber Parging
  • Refractory Panel Replacement
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning

Stove & Insert Installation

Finally, if you’re in need of a new stove or insert, we can get a gas or wood system installed for you, no problem. Inserts and stoves are both known for being high-efficiency appliances, and either would make a great fit for any household. Speak with us now about which options are best suited to your needs – we’re here to help.

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The reason homeowners throughout our service area turn to us time and time again is because we make our customers the number one priority. That means taking the time to answer questions, learn about their unique needs, and complete any necessary services thoroughly and correctly.

Long story short, people trust us because we truly care about the communities that we serve. That’s why we invest so much in education and training – so we can serve you to the best of our abilities!

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