It’s summertime now, but when winter hits here in the Hillsborough area, it can be harsh…and it’s good to be prepared! After a hard day’s work in frigid temperatures, you’ll likely want nothing more than to end the evening in front of a cozy fire with your loved ones.

There’s one problem, though – you don’t have a wood-burning heating system yet. A wood stove seems like an idyllic option, and you’ve been thinking long and hard about it for a while…but you’re still not quite sure. Well, right now – when the weather is warm and our appointment books are open – is the perfect time to get your system set up, so it’s ready to go when temps drop again.

Ozark Stove and Chimney is the right crew to install and help you maintain your wood-burning stove. Call with questions or book online with us now.

Why Should I Choose a Wood-Burning Stove?

Fireplaces are still more common in homes than wood-burning stoves, but the latter has benefits that can’t be matched by a fireplace. When it comes to wood-fueled heat sources, wood-burning stoves offer more energy efficiency, better heat, and can be safer than a traditional masonry fireplace.

🔥 They’re Efficient

Wood-burning stoves are one of the more efficient heating sources available. Its efficiency is due to its design. They use air vents to control the air supply to the fire, which helps control how efficiently the fire is burning.

🔥 They’re Cost-Effective

Wood stoves are not reliant on oil, gas, or electricity to operate, so you will save money on utility bills. And wood is a renewable source that is less expensive to acquire, so as long as you’re stocked up, you can ignite your stove without any further cost.

original infographic about why you should choose a wood stove

🔥 They Give Off Better Heat

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), most traditional open fireplaces lose over 90% of the fire’s heat out of the chimney, and much of the heated air in the room goes with it. Wood stoves pour much more heat directly into the living space.

🔥 They Offer More Placement Flexibility

They are also more compact than fireplaces and don’t require a built-in chimney, so they can be placed in most areas of the home as long as the space meets clearance criteria outlined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

🔥 They Have Great Aesthetics 

Wood stoves offer a lot of options for homeowners in terms of interior design. Their design can be customized to suit an array of decors from country chic to modern to industrial – a stylish addition to any space.

🔥 They’re a Safer Wood Heat Option

With regular cleanings and proper maintenance, wood-burning stoves are often considered a safer option than fireplaces. While the structure is similar to a fireplace, when used correctly wood-burning stoves don’t accumulate as much creosote because a hotter burning fire reduces the production of creosote.

Are Wood-Burning Stoves Hard To Install? 

Installing a wood-burning stove can be challenging and requires professional assistance to ensure all safety needs are met, as well as necessary compliance with local building codes. Installation mistakes can lead to serious hazards, such as fires or carbon monoxide poisoning, so finding a team you can trust is imperative – and it’s definitely not a DIY project.

The process involves several steps, including selecting an appropriate location, preparing a non-combustible hearth, and ensuring proper clearance from walls and other combustible materials. A chimney or flue system is critical for safe operation and must be installed correctly, as well – this may require drilling through walls or roofs, which can be complex and necessitates sealing to prevent leaks.

The team at Highpoint Chimney has over two decades of industry experience – you can trust us with your home. When you choose us, we’ll send one of our technicians to your home. They will assess the location you’ve chosen for the stove and will discuss the installation plan with you, keeping your needs and budget in mind.

How Do I Maintain a Wood-Burning Stove?

The NFPA recommends having wood-burning stoves inspected once a year – or more often if you use your stove frequently. You should schedule an annual sweeping and inspection with Ozark to keep your stove running as efficiently as possible. You can schedule inspections and sweeping during the same service visit.

An important way to protect your wood-burning stove is to make sure you choose the right wood. It’s highly recommended that you only use seasoned wood for burning. Seasoned wood is wood that has been stored and dried for a sufficient time (at least 6 months) to reduce its moisture content.

Why is this important? Seasoned wood is easier to ignite, burns longer, and produces less smoke. Seasoned wood has a moisture content below 25% which is better for your stove’s efficiency and improves the heat it gives off.

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