a metal flue coming out of a red roof with a chimney capChimney caps are an essential component of the chimney system. A chimney cap’s purpose is to protect your chimney flue lining from water, debris, and critter intrusion – all things you don’t want dropping in unannounced.

In addition to keeping things out of your chimney, did you know chimney caps also help keep something from escaping? Chimney caps act as a spark arrestor, ensuring ignited embers don’t escape the chimney stack and start fires outside of your home.

Now, although chimney caps all serve the same purpose, you’ll be surprised to find out they’re not all created the same. Not only are there different types of chimney caps, they can also be made of different materials, including aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, and stainless steel.

There is one thing all chimney caps have in common though, and that is they must be properly fitted to function properly. That’s why you should count on the Highpoint crew for all of your chimney cap installation needs. Call or reach out online today!

What Type of Chimney Cap Do I Need?

So, let’s take a look at the different types of chimney caps and which ones you should consider for your chimney.

  1. Single-Flue Cap: This is the most common type of chimney cap because it fits most standard chimney systems that have only one flue. Because of their popularity, they are often readily available and more affordable. 
  2. Multi-Flue Cap: Exactly as the name implies, multi-flue chimney caps are designed for chimneys that have more than one flue opening. This may be needed if you have more than one fireplace or another appliance, like a furnace, that needs smoke or air ventilation. Because this chimney cap extends to cover multiple flues, they are larger in size and typically a little more complex to install. However, multi-flue caps are still a great choice to provide greater coverage and protection against water and debris when you have multiple flues. 
  3. Specialty Cap: Sometimes you get a chimney that doesn’t meet the requirements for one-size-fits-all. It’s a little different but that’s why we call it a specialty cap. Whether that’s due to its awkward shape, size, or location, we have a chimney cap solution customized just for you. 
  4. Outside Mount Cap: Unlike most chimney cap installation jobs that require sliding the cap over the flue and securing it with screws or a clamp, an outside mount cap covers the entire masonry chimney top. This type of chimney cap is usually recommended when a crown has deteriorated or doesn’t even exist in the first place. An outside mount chimney cap helps keep water out of the flue and off the masonry. 
  5. Full-Coverage Cap: Full-coverage caps provide the ultimate protection for your chimney because they cover the entirety of it – even extending beyond the edges of the flue opening. Installing a full-coverage chimney cap will not only help protect your fireplace system, it will also improve its longevity.

Can I Install a Chimney Cap Myself?

If you do a quick google search on DIY chimney cap installation, you will find quite a few tutorials on how to install a chimney cap. So essentially, yes, you could install a chimney cap yourself. However, the more important question is… Should I install a chimney cap myself? To which we would say, no.

We love a good DIY project as much as anyone else. But there’s a few reasons we recommend hiring a professional chimney technician for this job:

  • snow-covered roofs with multiple snow-covered chimneys come out Safety: Working on rooftops is dangerous, especially if you don’t have the proper safety equipment to reduce the risk of accidents occurring during installation. Not only that, but our chimney technicians have necessary training to minimize the risks involved with working at high heights.
  • Expertise: Because we work on chimneys every day, we know a thing or two about chimney systems and the specific requirements for installing chimney caps. Chimney technicians can help ensure the right chimney cap is selected – and that it is properly installed.
  • Customization: As you can probably tell from just a quick glance, chimneys come in all shapes and sizes. In order to be correctly installed and offer effective protection, the chimney cap must be sized and fitted properly. 

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