We all need a little TLC sometimes – and that includes your chimney. Have you started to notice some cracks in the mortar? Or maybe your damper isn’t working properly. Do you need a new chimney cap? If you have questions about chimney repairs, you’ve come to the right spot… Highpoint Chimney Services is your one stop shop for all things chimney-related. We are a full service chimney company ready to handle whatever your chimney throws at us.

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Are Cold Weather Chimney Repairs Possible?

So, yes – cold weather repairs on your chimney are possible. If you need a repair done that is pressing and potentially putting your household at risk, we absolutely want you to call us in to look things over, so we can make a plan of action.

All that said, are winter chimney repair services ideal? Not so much – which means that, if it’s at all possible to avoid completing them or putting them off until temps move back up, we will. Amidst cold, snowy, and icy weather isn’t the best time to work on a chimney for a number of reasons:

  • Safety: Slippery surfaces (especially when those surfaces are on your roof), icy conditions, and extreme cold can pose risks. We’ll take appropriate safety measures, such as using proper gear and taking breaks to stay warm, but this is obviously not the best case scenario.
  • Low Quality: Certain repairs may be affected by weather conditions. For example, mortar and similar materials require specific temperatures for proper curing, and this is more challenging to achieve in extremely cold weather. This means you may need them re-done or touched up when things heat up again.
  • Weather Conflicts: We’ll always try to schedule our work during milder days when the conditions are more favorable. That said, sometimes the weather doesn’t pan out like predicted. This could invite delays and longer waiting times.
infographic on winter chimney repairs and whether they can be completed

When Is the Best Time To Get Chimney Repairs Done?

So, if winter isn’t great for chimney repairs, when is the best time to get these scheduled?

When it comes to chimney repairs, having them completed in late spring through summer is ideal. Temperature ranges will be more ideal, the repairs will likely be more long-lasting, and our sweeps won’t be as much at risk. In addition, scheduling during this time of year won’t likely force you into any weather-related delays – and we’re a lot less busy during this time, too, so getting a day and hour that works best for your calendar shouldn’t be an issue.

One of the best ways to stay on top of chimney repairs is to make sure you have Highpoint Chimney Services inspect and sweep your chimney each year in the spring. This allows us to catch any potential problems before they get worse.

In addition, it’s important to communicate with a professional chimney repair service to assess the specific situation and determine the best approach for your chimney repair services. The crew here at Highpoint can provide guidance on the feasibility of the repairs in colder conditions and take the necessary precautions to ensure a safer and more effective repair process.

What Are Common Chimney Repairs?

Chimneys are designed to serve one role – to funnel all the unwanted byproducts of those cozy fires out of your home. Since chimneys are located outside your home, they are susceptible to things like severe weather, animals, and other debris. When your chimney sustains any type of damage it can hinder its ability to keep you and your family safer while using it. That’s why it’s important to hire certified professionals like the technicians here at Highpoint for any chimney or fireplace repairs you need.

a brick chimney and roof covered in snow with a snow-covered pine tree in the background Here’s a brief run down of the chimney repair services we provide:

  • Masonry Repairs
  • Chimney Leak Repairs
  • Chimney Damper Repairs/Installations
  • Chimney Relining
  • Smoke Chamber Parging
  • Firebox Repairs

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Annual inspections are the best line of defense when it comes to taking a proactive approach to any potential problems. Prevention is always better and typically much less expensive than waiting until a problem gets worse. If you’re due for yours, don’t put off this important maintenance. Keeping up with your chimney’s annual maintenance is a great way to extend the lifespan of your chimney which, ultimately, is an investment in your home’s value.

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